This is a very personal topic regarding prostate cancer. There are many treatment options after a man receives a diagnosis of prostate cancer. The decision does rest upon the patient but treatment options bvary from urologist to urologist. In the Internal Medicine ALERT released by Relias Media it was discussed that the incidence of death in the prostatectomy patients versus those men who did watchful waiting. These are two options that may be discussed with a patient with prostate cancer.

The cumulative incidence of death was 71.9 % for the radical prostatectomy group and 83.8 % for the watchful waiting group There has always been debate of what benefit does surgery offer versus the new watchful waiting . The new term in 2019 is active monitoring which is now preferred to immediate surgery

The conclusion is that men with advanced prostate cancer who have radical prostatectomy offers both survival and disease free survival benefits.

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