The pivotal role of Vitamin D in calcium homeostasis is well established and accepted. We do know that Vitamin D has an anti inflammatory and immune modulating effects. We also know that vitamin D receptors are present in many tissues including the heart

From observing and reading current studies I think we have to say this- we do know that a low vitamin level of 30 -0 50 is associated with some mortality. There are some studies that are less consistent with this belief

There are randomized trial of vitamin D having no role of the effect of cardiovascular risk factors as arterial stiffness, blood pressure and intimal lining thickness. After reviewing a study published in Clinical Endocrinology Journal in January 2018, there is a statement that must be seriously taken into account

In this Australian cohort study, baseline Vitamin D below 55 are predictive of all cause mortality cardiovascular death and heart failure.


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