MAY 14, 2019 LECTINS

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT LECTINS? If not be prepared to see the word in the news. It will as popular as microbiome or gluten free !! Lectins are not new- these are proteins that can be found in most living organisms. They were discovered in the 1880’s.

Most lectins are inactive with no activity. Lectins strongly and specifically bind to sugars ( carbohydrates) If you do not have enzymes to digest lectins they can pass into the digestive tract undisturbed and can disrupt digestion nd affect intestinal permeability. This is NOT good. They have also known to enter the circulation and travel to distant organs. It has been implicated in some inflammatory conditions as rheumatoid arthritis.

Can you avoid lectins ? This would be difficult as these proteins are [present in stable food as grains, beans, tomatoes, nuts and even milk

You have not heard the last of LECTINS

Until tomorrow…