The celery juice craze is in full motion. There was a time when I was growing up that drinking orange juice was considered a good meal replacement. And all that fruit contains sugar that can amount to a meal’s worth of calories pretty quickly. But you probably don’t — and definitely shouldn’t — chug a glass of OJ and call that a meal. Juice is devoid of the filling fiber found in fruit, protein, and fat

Another example is the difference between milk and organic milk First of all, the conventional one contains a dangerous amount of estrogen because it comes from cows treated with hormones. As research has shown, consuming this type of milk increases the risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer

There is nothing good to the be said about sodas. From sport drinks to iced teas and sodas, each of these commonly encountered beverages contains chemicals, artificial colorings and sweeteners that mess with your brain and body in no time.

Then there is water. There is nothing bad to say about water except its plastic bottle. I would encourage water from glass bottles and now water from box containers

Until tomorrow…