It has many names - you might even confuse it with a Sunflower because it is a species of the Sunflower It is also called sunroot or sunchoke. Its botanical name is Helianthus tuberosus. Some individuals eat the root as a vegetable. It has many traditional folklore uses. Reported to be an aphrodisiac, cholagogue, diuretic, spermatogenetic, stomachic, and tonic, Jerusalem artichoke is a folk remedy for diabetes and rheumatism.

It is has a high concentration of inulin which helps regulate blood sugar levels. DO NOT CONFUSE with INSULIN Inulin is converted to frustose which gives the tuber or root of he artichoke its sweet taste

I use this herb for its immune enhancing effects. It helps defend the body against viruses and bacteria . I do cause some people as it can cause excessive gas and bloating. I think this is due to the high content of inulin at 76 %

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