The use of herbal drugs/ botanical plants in the treatment of anxiety have been used and as old as the history of mankind. Anxiety is one of the most common reasons why people search for alterative therapies. It is estimated that 43 % of patients suffering from anxiety seek alternative treatments

Many of these botanicals are used in Europe as mainstay treatments as Valerian offcinalis, Rosemarius officinalis, Hypericum perforatum, H. lupulus, Rassiflora incarnata and many more The common names for these botanical plants - you might know as valerian, passion flower, kava kava , St Johns wort, Rosemary, Lemon Balm and Hops.

Hops I belive is the least common one discussed. The active ingredients are humulone, myrcene and volatile oils. Hops has been used for anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, and mood disturbances. In Germany it is approved to treat anxiety. It has been researched and studied as an antioxidant, an antibacterial agent , as well as anticancer agent

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