Herpes simplex 1 and 2 are very common sexually transmitted diseases. The first signs of an outbreak are pain, burning and itching at the site. Most individuals know when they are experiencing an outbreak. I get a call from the patient to prescribe Valtrex ( vancyclovir) The other prescription is acyclovir ( Zorivax) Both of these conventional prescriptive medications lessen the severity of the initial outbreak

There are natural supplements that can be used. The most familiar is the use of the amino acid, L- lysine. The average dose is 3,000 mg daily at the start of an outbreak. It does lessen the severity If you still have an outbreak at this dose I recommend going up by a 1,000 until you reach 6,000 in a daily dose.

I also encourage my patients to take a lactobacillus probiotic. Usually there is a lack of lactobacillus in the diet as many individuals do not consume dairy. A always recommend a high dose zinc ranging from 20- 60 mg /day.

Stress is a factor that aggravates the herpes virus. The consumption of chocolate and nuts can intensity the outbreak as both of these contain arginine. Arginine is the fuel source for the herpes virus.

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