Coffee is good for heart ? Coffee is bad for the heart ? There have several studies have suggested that coffee stiffens arteries, thus putting pressure on the heart and arteries. A recent study cited that drinking up to 25 cups of coffee per day are not bad for the heart

It was a British study pf 8,000 people that studied drinking 5 cups of coffee all the way up to 25 cups had no bad effects for the heart.

I do enjoy drinking 1 - 2 cups of coffee per day. My morning coffee has Reishi mushroom in it The study grouped into three categories - less than 1 cup, second was 2 cups and the third cup was more than 3 cups ( and some had drank 25 cups in this later group )

In conclusion whether you drank 1 cup or up to 25 cups, there are no bad effects for the heart. There are other studies that suggest coffee decreases the risk for Alzheimer Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. More studies need to be completed

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