Purslane might be growing in your backyard but you think it is a weed. It can be eaten as an addition to your salad. It does have a salty sour flavor Its botanical name is Portulaca oleracea. It has other name such as pigweed or little hogweed. The leaves, stems and root are all edible.

There are many medicinal uses of this plant. Historically it has been used to stop uterine bleeding When I have suggested its use, the patient usually reports less bleeding and less duration of bleeding.

I have seen it used in respiratory issues especially asthma. There are many other herbs I utilize for asthma.

The one use which I have seen but not well documented is it anti fungal properties. We all consider tea tree oil for foot fungus ( athlete’s foot) I suggested Vick’s vapor rub or one owns urine. This herb applied is very effective

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