Unicorn Root is not a commonly used herb by many herbalists. Its botanical name is Aletris farinose - true Unicorn root. There is False Unicorn Root The true Unicorn root is from the Lily family. It has many names that it is called by- Some of these are ague root, blazing star and starwort.

The edible part is the root of the plant. It is said the have a bitter=sweet soapy taste. I have never tasted it. The leaves are used in a tea.

Some of the medicinal uses are as a laxative, anti flatulent herb and as a sedative. It is mostly written with False Unicorn Root for its estrogenic properties and its use on the female system. I have seen both False and True Unicorn Root used to treat menstrual disorders

Besides its sedative effects , it has been used on the skin as a beauty treatment .

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