In al likelihood you have never heard or used Sea Buckthorn. Its botanical name is Hippophae Rhamnoides,. This herb produces a highly nutritious berry that has gained super fruit status. The fruit and seed oil are full of Omega 3, 6, 9, and 7, a rare fatty acid recently discovered. The fruit contains a host of antioxidants and healing nutrients, and is a superior source of vitamins and minerals

I love a Sea Buckthorn tea. It has a tart taste.

This tea has been used for brain function and memory. I have used it to decrease cholesterol along with artichoke, bergamot and guggul lipids For the patient suffering with dry eye syndrome associated with some autoimmune diseases, it also can be useful as a soak It helps the inflammation and dryness of the eye

I have seen other herbalists use it for symptoms of menopause

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