Is it normal for our bodies to attack itself? This question has been debated for decades. The author, Anthony Williams discussed this at length in his book Medical Medium. It was thought that the infection by Epstein Barr was the culprit.

I feel that autoimmune disease will never be cured with conventional therapies. I feel we have to think out of the box. I think out of the box logically on most diseases. We need to stop treating the symptoms as inflammation but get to the bottom of what is causing the inflammation

I utilize an anti inflammatory dietary lifestyle change with no consumption of gluten, dairy nor soy. I do allergy testing to assist me in the proper diet. I also place the patient on low dose naltrexone ranging from 1 to 4.0 mg. I rarely go to 6 mg on a regular basis. The only side effect noted for LDN are dreams which can interfere with normal sleep as the dose is increased.

Of note the most common autoimmune diseases affect certain tissues. For example , Multiple sclerosis affects the neurological system whereas rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints.

I even use my honeybees to help me !

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