If all the botanicals, Cannabis sativa has caused the most stir among both professional and non professional individuals, There is much research and data that has been published citing the benefits of this herb. There are a growing number of states now legalizing the controlled use of marijuana. It is about time !! I say that as a sober man of nearly 25 years.

There are more than 100 biologically active components of this plant. The two components that have extensive research are THC and CBD. I want to focus on the CBD component. These non psychoactive compounds come from the stalks and the seed of a type of cannabis known as Hemp. There are many hemp products on the market today.

There are cannabinoid receptors throughout the body - this is the endocannabinoid system ( ECS) Cannabinoids act on these receptors and once bound activate CB1 and CB2 After used these left over cannabinoids are destroyed and not used. Books have been written on this subject and research has been conducted

Open your mind …CBD has been used effectively for seizure disorders, anxiety, insomnia and pain syndromes.

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