Age related macular degeneration affects 10 million Americans and is a leading cause of vision loss. There is no good effective treatment I utilize many trace elements and minerals in a patient’s diet to help with this condition. I utilize many of the eye supplements on www.naturaleyecare.com and /or www.visionworksusa.com

The risk can be cut by one third by eating a Mediterranean style diet that is high is fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meats.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away should be stated this way—

for those that ate one apple each day, there was a 15 % decrease in the risk for macular and if you ate 2 apples a day there was a 20 % decrease in developing macular.

I feel it is reasonable that ophthalmologists should prescribe a Mediterranean diet to all their patients with AMD ( age related macular degeneration.)

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