A perfect gift in my opinion is always honey. It is everlasting and never goes bad. The tradition has gone way back to Egypt. In Greece and Russia honey is given as part of the church services.

When you give honey you are giving a nutritious gift full of vitamins. I feel it is an honor to give honey to an individual. I give it as I am sharing a heart warming gift from my bees to the individual.

If you need to give honey there are many beekeepers who sell their honey. My friend Frederique Keller, President of the American Apitherapy Society sells her honey Check out BeePharm Apitherapy. In NYC you can get your honey from President of the NYC Beekeepers Association, Andrew Cote. He sells his at the Union Square Market

You can buy from Forever Bee They have a nice selection. I do know the flavors from Forever Bee come from Spain and Sri Lanka

Remember this : RAW HONEY is a symbol of wealth, health and prosperity.

Until tomorrow…