Can you avoid cancer? I believe everyone has the ability to lessen their chances of being diagnosed with cancer. I think the lay person or the consumer needs to understand about inflammation, especially chronic inflammation. To prevent cancer, you must prevent chronic inflammation

If you could adopt a healthy dietary and exercise lifestyle you can start the process. Then add some natural anti-inflammatory compounds

Plant based medicine is an exciting field for the treatment of cancers as well as epigenetics. By definition epigenetics is the study of how our genes are expressed when exposed to certain stimuli. How the body decides to turn on and off certain genes. For example how the body turns on a tumor promoting genes

I would like to turn off tumor promoting genes and turn on tumor suppressing genes. It is important to understand less and less cancer is hereditary. Most of the cancers today are due to the environment.

Change what you eat, and what you drink . Change the place you live can help but sometimes impossible to run from the outside environment.

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