On one hand we are told to rest , relax and do the best we can. That sounds great. Yet on the other hand while you are trying to do just that- you are told that someone is doing it easier, better and more effective than you. Now you are frustrated. Who wouldn’t be

I cannot tell you how the last two years of spending time with myself has changed my perspective on life. First of all I surround myself with loving and positive people. I try to avoid the narcissistic persons or better yet those that blame others for their problems

Second I get more sleep . I try to limit my phone and computer use as the glowing blue and white colors of technology lowers the body’s production of melatonin. I increase the body’s production of melatonin by ingesting natural raw honey every night

I seek through prayer and meditation my peacefulness and serenity. I have learned to “ LET GO” This is very hard for many including me. I also try to have less expectations of people and myself

All of this and more has led me down a path of recovery

Until tomorrow…