People with cancer typically have a low vitamin C. Cancer cells deplete vitamin C ( as it is very similar to the glucose molecule) Thus depleting the body of vitamin C reserves. Then fatigue ensures, listlessness, and low pain threshold develops. I use high dose Vitamin C in cancer patients in my practice. I find it reduces pain, improves appetite and sleep and helps those undergoing chemotherapy to better tolerate these drugs. I do not give high dose vitamin C at the same time the patient is getting IV chemotherapy

Conventional physicians do NOT believe that IV Vitamin C works. The reason for this is published clinical evidence is sparse and lacking.

IV Vitamin C is safe for most people , but there are contraindications. Some people with glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency have developed hemolytic anemia after receiving high dose Vitamin C.

In my opinion, IV Vitamin C can help cancer patients withstand the effects of their conventional therapies. More conventional oncologists should look at IV Vitamin C as an effective therapy.

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