As I teach Oncology at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, I tend to write a lot about cancer. About 20 % of all prostate enlargement results in cancer. 80 % of these are slow growing. There are many factors that result in the incidence of prostate cancer.

We do know diets high in animal fats and refined sugars and lower fiber and vegetables have a higher incidence of prostate CA. Development of diabetes due to these bad changes inb dietary lifestyle are a high predictor as in many other cancers.

As with all cancers, the environment plays a variety of roles. Chemical toxin exposure is a high risk Industries with a higher risk include petrochemical, rubber and textile, yet pollution in cities should not be ignored.

A higher incidence has been reported in men exposed to cadmium if there men work with batteries. Do not forget that smoking cigarettes is a factor as cigarettes contain cadmium

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