This is a problem that must NOT be ignored. Up to 10% of men younger than 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and upwards of 60% of men by age 69.

Are you one of these men? Or do you know someone who does suffer from ED?

The common lifestyle measures associated with ED are smoking, alcohol, drug use, sleep disorders and obesity . As an integrative physician I use both conventional and natural treatments for ED.There are natural urologists - Dr Geo Espinosa and Dr Ralph Esposito. I know both very well and encourage you to see them if you have a problem.

I could easily prescribe Viagra and other agents, but most of the time I do not. I will use high dose citrulline ( precursor to arginine) as a vasodilator and the release of nitric oxide. Rhodiola has been studied for stress fatigue and ED and there were positive results. Withania ( also known as ashwagandha) was not superior to placebo in psychogenic ED. I might still use it with other herbs as epimedium or horney goat weed. These are more effective after months of use and gets better with long term use

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