Echinacea are commonly referred to as the Purple Coneflowers. There are from the Daisy Family. There are nine species of echinacea and 3 are used for medical purposes. Those are E. angustifolia, E. pallida, and E. purpurea. There are 3 distinct active components with medical benefits. The roots of this plant contain an alkylamide which activates macrophages. This supports a healthy immune system

I usually combine Echinacea with Hydrastis canadensis which is goldenseal. In Europe this combination is used with 2 added herbs: Thuja and Baptista.

Echinacea is characterized as a immune modulator stimulating phagocyctic activity while simultaneously modulating cytokine secretion There are many dosing schedules but the common one I utilize is 0.9 mL three to four times a day for continued immune support

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