Recently a November 2018 study looked at infections associated with travel to the United States. This identified certain infections within regions of the USA that usually do not have these types of infections. I found this study very interesting. There are about 77 million visits by international tourists each year. The study looked at 1,393 diagnoses made in 1,222 travelers. The median travel time was 14 days. There were more female than male travelers.

Insect bite/stings were the most common with 15 % of all diagnoses. There were 13 cases of Coccidiodomycosis in the state of Arizona. The state of Hawaii was noted to have a high number of individuals diagnosed with dengue fever, leptospirosis, and angiostrongylus. Texas also had dengue fever as well as leprosy due to amardillo exposure. Looking at the distribution I saw many more cases of dengue fever

This study represents how many different infections are introduced into the United States.

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