Atrial fibrillation is a very common arrhythmia presenting to a Doctor’s office . The prevalence is 2 % in people younger than 65 years old and 9 % in older than 65 years old. We do know that cocoa containing products have antioxidant, anti inflammatory and vasodilatory properties. It has already been shown that cocoa lowers blood pressure , and increases the good cholesterol ( HDL) It has been shown that moderate intake of chocolate has more beneficial effects on cardiovascular markers . A study was done analyzing data on atrial fibrillation occurrences and chocolate and titled the Danish Diet, Cancer and Health Study .

This prospective cohort study showed that subjects who consumed chocolate on a weekly basis had the lowest risk of incidental AF with lowest heart rate for men at 2-6 servings/week. For women with lowest heart rate at 1 serving per week.

There are some flaws in the study as adjustment for exercise, socioeconomic status and disease states as renal failure and sleep apnea. Overall this is a beneficial study which should be looked at again in the near future. The benefits of chocolate are not be taken so lightly.

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