“ Choice is our greatest power, more powerful than love.”

I have been thinking about this quote all weekend. How we choose to love is a hard question for me. It does make me think. This question and answer can tell a lot about your self. It allows more self examination. It has helped me tremendously .

The art of giving to one self is the best remedy to answer this question. By improving your relationship with one self, it can allow you to improve your relationships with others. Listen to others for some of these people can be your greatest teachers. I have learned to engage only after listening. The last three years have been a large reflection on my life- the good and the bad points. I have chosen to listen to others without speaking. I tend to talk too much . This is a great lesson for me

While doing all this I help myself and others cut out the bad habits in life. We all have bad habits. What are your bad habits? I do not let negative thoughts float in my mind or stay too long. I do not react TO EVERYTHNG that comes up. I sit with it, ponder it, maybe answer it, or just simply meditate on it

Until tomorrow…