The mere thought of this sickens you. It did the same to me. A study was done on the bacteria after one week of using your water bottle. The results were horrific in regards to the number of bacteria found. There were four types of bottles used; slide top, screw top, squeeze top and straw top.

It did matter which top was used The average of the number of bacteria was greater than 300,000 colony forming units. It was stated that the number of bacteria is 6 x more than your own pet’s food bowl. It was higher than the number of bacteria found around your toilet bowl. This is a sickening thought but TRUE

For those that are interested:: The slide top bottle top had the highest number of bacteria : 933, 340 CFU versus the straw top that had only 25 CFU. Squeeze top was the second highest bacteria count leaving the screw top in the third position

Now you can think twice before buying your water bottle

Until tomorrow