This is an important topic for many individuals. We know the herb enhancing aphrodisiacs and you cant forget the good properties of oysters.

Yet you must not forget that eating unhealthy will lower libido.

If you want to have a romantic night you must think to avoid the following

  1. Avoid sugar is the most critical. Besides constricting your blood vessels, feeding cancers, and increasing your weight ( and link to diabetes) it decreases testosterone levels

  2. Avoid any artificial sweeteners as they are linked to cancers. These also decrease serotonin levels

  3. Avoid dairy products especially if hormones were used

  4. Avoid deli meat wrapped in plastic as the PBC can mimic estrogens and decrease testosterone

  5. Avoid peppermint and mint as they have been linked to decrease testosterone levels

  6. Microwave popcorn contains a hormone disrupter called PFOA which can mess with hormones No whip cream and now no Popcorn !

    Until tomorrow…