Many individuals suffer from arthritis. It has been estimated that more than 54 million American suffer from arthritis of which 22 % are the adult population. More than half have physical limitations. There are many medications for different types of arthritis.

Naturpathically there are dietary considerations that must be changed. There are also many herbs and supplements that can allieve symptoms such as white willow bark, tumeric, ginger dandelion, devil's claw and many others. I also utilize MSM, and cetyl myristolate as a treatment option

Susan Blum MD MPH has written a new book Healing Arthritis. The book is excellent  applying a practical guide to healing arthritis using dietary and different lifestyle changes. She also offers discussions on how the gut microbiome can affect arthritis.

I recommend this book

On another note I didn't dive into the book if it offers BVT or bee veno therapy as a treatment for arthritis. 

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