Gout usually affect men over 30 years of age The afflicted joint is red, swollen throbbing and tender. It usually affects the big toe ( hallux)  It is caused by an increased concentration of uric acid in the fluids of the body The uric acid crystals form and deposit in the joints. 

Some patients needs pain medications as non steroidal anti inflammatory agents. Some require medications to reduce uric acid - colchicine , allopurinol and uloric.

Here are some tips to naturally help gout and attacks

1. Adopt a low purine diet ( a diet that does not  promote uric acid) Some of these foods are anchovies, shellfish, smoked meats, meat extracts, kidneys, liver brains, sardines and much more)

2. Maintain an optimum weight

3. Eliminate alcohol of any kind from your diet

4. Increase fruits and vegetables

5. Drink 3 quarts of water per day

6. Eat one and half pounds of cherries each day- if after two weeks there is no change in gout        please discontinue

7. Decrease dose of vitamin A if taking as well as niacin

8. Adopt stress reducing techniques into your lifestyle. Examples are meditation, yoga, a relaxing hobby

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