Do you want a physician with a high IQ ? How many patients even consider this as a criteria when choosing their health care practitioner? Does the smartest students  as measured by graded and MCAT scores to get into medical schools, make the best physicians?

These questions were addressed in JAMA ( Journal of the American Medical Association) Viewpoint Opinion section. ( February 20, 2018 Vol 139, November 7 )

I found this intriguing. Testing results is an incomplete and inaccurate assessment of a student's potential to be a caring physician. 

I believe like this article states that an IQ is needed to master the skills and assess the volume of knowledge and information needed to be a good doctor. Yet today success in medicine is more about emotional l intelligence rather than intellectual intelligence.   The definition of emotional intelligence is the ability to manage emotions and interact efficiently with others.  It is stated people with high EQs are sensitive to the moods and temperaments of others. 

I feel that emotional intelligence taught in naturopathic programs is far superior to those taught in conventional medical schools. This was not addressed in JAMA Emotional intelligence ( EQ ) is built upon trust, empathy, and having mutual goals. I believe it is also dependent on empathy, compassion and love. I believe that if any student whether naturopathic or conventional trained has a personal experience with a family or friend having a chronic illness, he /she will can draw on that experience . In my opinion, this experience can increase emotional intelligence

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Until tomorrow...