There is one of my mentors/colleagues that I have great respect for. Her name is Dr Low Dog. She was my professor at the Fellowship of Integrative Medicine University of Arizona. I completed that program in 2005

She  is an author of many books and an inspiration to many.  She has many unique ways to use culinary herbs. She was my inspiration to study herbs.  She uses Nutrient Booster Powders from MegaFood. and makes a smoothie.

I utilize Zen Berry. ZenBerry is a unique blend of greens and protein It is only available at Botanical Bounty. (www.botanicalbounty.org ) You could swap out vegetables and fruits ( as long as you do not add high glycemic ones )

 My favorite is one scoop of Mega Food or Zenberry with one cup of spinach or kale, 1 organic green apple, one banana, 2-3 organic dates, 1 cup of almond or coconut plain milk and 3 -5 ice cubes. This is the Green Smoothie that Dr Low Dog recommends. I swapped out Nutrient Booster by Mega Food for ZenBerry but either can be used

A great way to start the morning.

Until tomorrow...