I have been fortunate as a non-Oncologist  to teach Oncology to the naturopathic medical students. It has enriched my knowledge base as well as having benefited my patients. As an integrative physician I have always believed that botanical medicine has been effective for a treatment of a variety of diseases. 

Some plants have provided conventional medicine with chemotherapy for cancers . These include the following: 1. Taxol from the Pacific yew tree; 2. vinblastine and vincristine from the Madagascar periwinkle, and 3. Irinotecan and Topotecan from the Happy Tree.

Conventional oncologist tend to avoid supplements during chemotherapy. Research has been done and articles written on the effectiveness of Tumeric ( Curcuma longa) given during chemotherapy.  Studies indicate that 50 - 60- % of cancer patients use herbs and supplements during their chemotherapy.  The use of turmeric has increased over the years There are many studies to validate the use of turmeric ( Alternative and Complimentary Therapies Vol 24, No 1. February 2018 )  Curcumin has the ability to target cancer initiation, growth and tumors in many ways.  Studies are equivocal. More studies need to be done on turmeric especially randomized controlled trials.

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