March 2, 2018 CBD - CANBIOLA

 Education is knowledge. Cannabidiol , also known as CBD is one of many compounds found in the hemp plant and other cannabis varieties. CBD IS NON PSYCHOACTIVE

CBD wil NOT get you "high" This is one misconception that must be cleared up. Only the THC from the plant will get you high. Hemp plants are non psycho active with less than 1 % of THC

There is a network in the body called the Endocannabinoid system ( ECS) CBD and its other compounds act upon the ECS which have receptors throughout the body including the brain . The ECS helps regulate the biological processes of the body. CBD is a non toxic way to support the ECS

CBD has many uses. Some of the major reasons I utilize CBD is for anxiety, sleep and inflammation. It goes beyond that. It is anti bacterial, can inhibit the growth of cancer, and can be neuro protective.. It ahs been studied to reduced seizure and the use of epileptic drugs

One company, Canbiola has invested a lot into education of the public and medical professionals on CBD Please see

Their source of CBD is from the US using Pharma Grade isolates. They combine their CBD with other nourishing essential oils to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress while promoting anti aging and healthy living. 

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