We have more overweight Americans than ever before. Metropolitan cities like New York City, now has overweight people.It never used to be like this . Each year obesity related deaths are increasing Today more than 70% of adults are overweight with 37% of those being obese and 5 % are morbidly obese.  You must reduce body fat. You must reduce calories., You must stop the sugar

Obesity is one of the twin epidemics --the other being diabetes. Both obesity and diabetes lead to the number one killer--Cardiovascular Disease. In addition abdominal obesity is linked to chronic diseases and cancer as breast, uterine and gallbladder in women and prostate and colon in men.

Stress leads to an increase in a stress hormone, cortisol which is linked to increases in sugar and central obesity

Do you want a quick fix. ? I feel these are not as effective but I do know a lifestyle change is effective. Here are some suggestions

The plant, Giffonia simplicifolia can promote saiety which thus leads to reduced calorie intake can be effective.  There are 4 berberine derived plants which can balance sugar, balance lipid concentrations and combat obesity.

Chromium is an effective supplement that facilitates glucose uptake in cells as well as lowering body weight

All of these suggestions must be applied to a lifestyle change that increases dietary and exercise lifestyle as well as addressing addictions, meditation, self esteem, anger and self love

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