Do you know about apitherapy ? Apitherapy is the use of substances from honeybees to relive various medical conditions. Some practices use honey, royal jelly , propolis and even bee venom. This can be accomplished by using been venom from a live bee or injected bee venom from Canada. 

Unfortunately conventional doctors and journal misrepresent live bee acupuncture. In an article in the Post -" A bee is positioned over a relevant potion on a patient's body and its head is squeezed repeatedly until the stinger comes out. " The stinger is inserted into the skin , the venom is released and the bees dies. " This is NOT the way it is done. 

The statement above is a lie. I do not nor does any bee apitherapist squeeze the bee's head. Nor do people die. I have been doing apitherapy for more than a decade with no adverse reactions reported nor NO deaths from bee venom therapy.

There are reported benefits to apitherapy for many conditions. It is written about and published. Those physicians and health care professionals with narrow minds should sit down and read and learn from modalities that have been used for hundreds of years instead of finding a reason to crucify them

A course in apitherapy is offered by the American Apitherapy Society ( ) is offered every one to two years int he Uited States. For the last two years it has been done in Redondo Beach CA  In 2018, the AAS Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course will be offered in the Northeast

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