There are many causes of fertility problems. In most cases, it is the female who might have fertility problems. I also feel male fertility is a problem  that is not discussed. A study in January 2018 found that men who take high doses of ibuprofen for months at a time may be a greater risk of fertility problems. 

Although the study sample was small ( 31 male patients ) - half received 600mg twice a day of ibuprofen versus placebo.  The blood marker,  LH ( lutenizing hormone) was measured. The LH is secreted by the pituitary  gland which stimulated the production of testosterone by the testicles./ The group receiving the medication, ibuprofen had the ratio of testosterone / LH level measured which was low

This low ratio indicates a dysfunction of the testicles. This leads to a hormonal imbalance called compensated hypogonadism which is linked to male infertility, depression and cardiovascular events ( as heart attack and stroke)

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