MARCH 27, 2018 HBOT


In the last five years I have referred more patients for hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a variety of neurological conditions as well as Lyme Disease . Today there are good studies and research available. There is also some medical reimbursement for HBOT treatments in certain disease conditions

HBOIT is not new to the world. It was introduced in England in 1662. There are many articles written in the twentieth century There was a review of HBOT in 1877 by Arntzeniusa which had 300 references. 
I recently read a review by HBOT expert Dr Paul Harch in The Townsend Letter. It was very informative He discussed that the Dutch surgeons started using high pressure oxygen therapy for surgeries, infections and poisonings in the 1950s

This paved the way for its use today. Recently I had a 85 year old female that had uro-sepsis that lead to septicemia. She threw emboli to all of her digits ( fingers) some worse than others. I thought she would lose some of her digits by amputation I advocated for HBOT. The patient had 10 treatments with complete resolution of gangrene and required no amputation

Dr Harch describes hyperbaric as a 355 year old therapy which appears to be epigenetic therapy n a broad sense. He is right. The article in the April 2018 Townsend Letter should be read. What other disease might be amendable to oxygen therapy? Controlled trials exist and there must be more done

See Northport Wellness Center with Dr Scher

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