MARCH 28, 2018 Lauris nobilis

The name, Lauis nobilis signifies an herb with a rich history. This is true. Also known as Bay Leaf, this herb has much use in the culinary area, but equally it is an herb with medicinal properties. It has been studied for its antibacterial and antioxidant benefits

In ancient times, crown of bay leaves were woven and placed on the head of a man who were honored as scholars. The word 'bachelor' were unmarried men who graduated from academics wearing a crown of laurels or bay leaves

The essential ol of this herb is found in soaps , creams and cosmetics As an herb, it is beneficial to the digestive system of most individuals. There are other reported medicinal uses as type 2 diabetes, cancer, oral inflections, inflammation and high cholesterol

I find this herb to be beneficial when used in combination with other herbs. I believe it is not used as much as it should be. The bay leaf  contains many minerals as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium and manganese. It also contains Vitamin C , riboflavin, niacin folate and B6

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