Insomnia affects millions of Americans. There are an abundance of prescription drugs that have  been prescribed by health care practitioner. I find other ways of helping my patients stay or fall sleep.

One of the easiest treatments is to engage in more exercise. Exercise is one of the lifestyle changes that can be added or modified if already performing. Exercise promotes relaxation  and even raises your core body temperature.  Aerobic exercise has been shown not only to improve sleep , but reduces the anxiety that if sometimes associated with sleep.

When I discuss herbs I suggest two herbs for sleep: Passion Flower and Skullcap. Both are excellent nervine herbs that help reduce anxiety. I have seen many suggest Valerian  There have been trials to indicate that Valerian is effective in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep. Sometimes I feel valerian can be paradoxical .

Another herb which can be used  is lavender. I like to spray lavender oil on my pillow three times a week . 

Acupuncture done weekly can be great way to relax and help sleep issues

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