Menopause is a normal physiological process for women. It is called the cessation of menopause. It is the absence of a period for twelve months.

The menopause transition is different for every woman. Some women never experience a hot flash while others have daily flashes. Some other symptoms are headache, irregular periods, painful intercourse, fatigue, decreased sex drive, and many emotional changes. The emotional changes vary from depression to anxiety

There are many natural treatments and proven botanicals that I have used. One of the most common is black cohash The usual dose is 40 mg/day but I do give higher doses as per a study completed by the National Institute of Health. I find this herb very effective for hot flashes. Other botanicals that have been used with cohash include Kava kava and Maca. A simple remedy is have the female start omega 3 fish oils in a dose of 1200 mg/day.

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