" WHY USE CHEMICAL DRUGS when nature in her wisdom and beneficence has provided, in her great vegetable laboratories--the fields and forest---relief for the more common and simple life of mankind . ? " - Joseph E Meyer 1934. 

Last year I was given a gift from a special woman- Diane  She is the owner of Red Head Heron  Antiques in Mystic CT.  With so much going on at the time I didn't have the opportunity to really read this book and ponder its wonder She had found I believe a special book called The Herbalist- by Joseph E Meyer 1934. . It is smaller than pocket size published by The Hammond Book Company  Hammond, Indiana. 

The books discusses botany in its first pages but then has an incredible Materia Medica for its time. Mr Meyer like me collected old books. He collected many books on Herbalism. In one of these books he found a unique hair tonic  as well as many unique formulas. He sold these formulas in 1934 for 35 cents per box. 

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