I am seeing more cancer patients than ever. I am NOT an oncologist. I offer a different approach to cancer utilizing dietary changes, supplements, botanical herbs and mushrooms, intravenous support, meditation, and much more. What is going on? Five years ago, pancreatic cancer was the 4th leading cause of death in the USA. Today it is number 3. It only accounts for 3 percent of all deaths. 

There is little to do when a patient presents with stage III or IV as their initial diagnosis. Chemotherapy is used with little or no change in the tumor mass. Every case of pancreatic cancer is different. Immunotherapy has not worked well for pancreatic cancer as it has with other cancers as breast. 

We do know that smokers face a higher risk of pancreatic cancer. Yet smoking is not the problem today. It is diabetes and obesity. These two risk factors along with smoking have really increased the occurrence of pancreatic cancer as well as other cancers. We need better early detection  of pancreatic cancer. 

We need to employ lifestyles changes aggressively with our patients. Dietary lifestyle changes are key. These changes will reduce obesity and diabetes which will lead to less cancer.

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