There is a lot of data that has been collected on various dietary lifestyles in the last thirty years. There are more than 100 diets on the market today. The newest craze is the Paleo Diet. In the 1970's, the craze was the Atkins Diet founded by the late Dr. Robert C Atkins. I had the distinct pleasure of having daily breakfast with him at a diner across from the Atkins Center on east 55th. He was one of my mentors as well as my patient, friend, and colleague.

I have never practiced more than 5 blocks from that original office location at 152 East 55th Street.  The diet craze that is still here is a low carbohydrate lifestyle originally described by his diet. Today we have a Paleo Diet – again not far from the original high protein, high fat and low carbohydrate Atkins lifestyle.

Today I advocate the original low carbohydrate lifestyle but with better good fats. 

A multi-university study found that a high fat diet increase the risk of relapse in patients with multipole sclerosis. On the other hand, an additional cup of vegetables decreases the risk by 50%.

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