In one month, my rescue dog, Chaplin will be 2 years old. I adopted him when he was five months. It is hard to believe we have been together for 19 months. I adopted him because no one would. He has a cardiac ( heart ) problem. He was born without a mitral valve ( left sided heart valve separating the top left (atria )chamber from the bottom( ventricle )  left chamber . I have given Chaplin love, food, shelter, a new coat and many toys. What he has given me cannot be described in words. At this point I don't know Who Saved Who.  

Chaplin ( named appropriately for Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin - April 16, 1889-December 25, 1977) He has taught me about life, love and happiness.

He has touched my soul and allows me to ponder can another human ever touch my soul again. Our playing time together with his toys allows me to be creative in my own hobbies while he is by my side. Chaplin allows me to experience happiness and every minute I can --I share about him and I on social media. 

He has taught me not to judge. He loves everyone he meets. He has taught me to be still and quiet when my mind races. We communicate with each other every day. He needs me to give him his medication and his supplements and herbs. I need him to remind me that every day is special

Lastly, we love each other unconditionally --that needs no explanation

Until tomorrow...