APRIL 18, 2018 – MP 1

I share about the benefits of bee venom from honey bees in a variety of diseases. When people state they were stung by a bee as a child and had a reaction, I always assume it was a yellow jacket, wasp or hornet that bit them. I still do test stings for honey bees. Wasps get a bad rap.

The wasp responsible for producing this toxin is the Polybia paulista.

The time has finally come. The venom from wasps has been shown to attack the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. I marvel at the fact that insects do have the ability with their toxins and/or venom to heal or – in this case – kill cancer

The cancer-targeting toxin in the wasp is called MP1 (Polybia-MP1). It works through the phospholipid mechanisms of cell walls. The mechanism behind the way this works is unique. Cancer therapies that attack lipid composition of the cell membranes is an entirely new class of chemotherapy.

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