Helicobacter pylori is an organism that has been associated with malignancy of the GI tract. There are studies to indicate that we eradicate too many of the H. pylori organisms. The conventional treatment for H. pylori is a Prepac which is not usually tolerated by most patients.

For this reason there has been another effective treatment which involves a drug called Nitazoxanide (Alinia). I have used Alinia to treat parasites for the last 20 years. This has been largely due to Dr. Kevin Cahill (Parasitologist in New York City). Alinia is involved in a new study regiment using two other antibiotics and an H2 blocker like omeprazole. Most patients do not tolerate this either. I think it is unique to use Alinia as I have always believed it has other properties as anti bacterial and anti viral in addition to its anit parasitic.

For natural treatment of H. pylori, I utilize a berberine containing plant (there are 4 berberine containing plants). The other treatment is Mastica which is a resin from the Mastica tree. Mastica is made from the sap of the tree Pistachia Lentiscus var. chia, which is grown only on the southern coast of Chios. Mastica has been cultivated since ancient times due to its healing properties, unique taste, and the variety of uses.

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