MAY 21, 2018 – LOVE PLANTS

There are many plants in the shape of hearts. As an herbalist, I have noticed it more as the years pass by. 

Perhaps love is like a window,
Perhaps an open door,
It invites you to come closer,
It wants to show you more.

There are many shapes in the structures of flowers that can be seen. All orchids look life faces. I have noticed this while I stitch them on a canvas. Sometimes we even see a heart. This is seen in the rope like flowers of the Amarranthus caudatus, or the Love in Puff (Cardiospermum halicacabum).

Perhaps the best example is the Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis). There is always a story of how the bleeding heart was named. It is the heart of the princess that will bleed for the prince for the rest of her days. It is a great story. The Hearts a Burstin (Euonymus Americus) reminds me of the song 'June is Bustin Out all Over' from Oklahoma.

Notice the flowers this summer and find a heart.

Until tomorrow...