MAY 23, 2018 – IMPOTENCY

Impotency is a common problem among men. It is well documented and well researched. There are many causes for a man's impotence. It can be medical or psychological. Once your physician identifies the problem, you must find the cause. Once the cause is known, it can be treated. There are many drugs for sexual dysfunction such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. There are no specific drugs for impotence. 

Throughout history, Mayan men have never had impotence. The reason for this is their ingestion of an herb in a tea form. The herb is Corn Silk.

It makes a huge difference in the sexual performance of Mayan men. The amount varies, but most men take 3 glasses of this tea daily. It prevents impotency by being a gentle urinary tract detoxifier and keeping the genitourinary tract clean.

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