MAY 24, 2018 – WORMWOOD

Wormwood (Artemesia) is often  associated with its effectiveness in eradicating parasites. It is also associated with its use in a variety of cancers.

It is well written and documented its good use in celebrating Samhain – the Celtic Festival – and the Wiccan Sabvbat. This happens to coincide with Halloween. I have studied Wiccan practices among the Green Men. It is no coincidence that wormwood is used at this time as this is when there is a thin veil between the living and the dead.

Wormwood is one of the major ingredients when questioning the dead. What is used is red ochre, burnt myrrh, the juice of fresh wormwood, evergreen, and flax. It is used when trying to contact the dead along with myrrh and cypress.

To me, wormwood is a magical herb that is used in witchcraft. If you ever have tried wormwood, you better be ready for the bitterness of this herb. I have seen it used as an oil to rid the area of unwanted spirits.

The last piece of witchcraft information on wormwood is this: It can be used interchangeably with two other herbs – mugwort and sagebush – for battle against the demons or dark side.

Until tomorrow...