MAY 26-27, 2018 – KEFIR

You may have heard of Kefir, but don't know anything about it. Some have touted that this is the secret to longevity. It originated in an area between Europe and Asia. It was made from camel's milk; however, today in a green market, it can be made from cow's, goat's, or sheep's milk. Kefir grains are a yeast/bacteria mixture held together by milk.

I have tasted Kefir many times. I would describe the taste as slightly sour as well as effervescent like a bubbly champagne. I find its taste superb.

The kefir after the fermentation process can be kept refrigerated for up to one year. You could strain it for a second fermentation if you wish.

I prefer to add fresh berries to mine. There are many recipes you can find.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Until tomorrow...