There are many sources of aluminum in our environment. Aluminum sources include beauty products as hair color/dye, and certain lipsticks and lip gloss. We know it is present in certain  under arm deodorants. It can be found in those that use aluminum pots and pans and use of aluminum foil.  I was thinking could it be found in coffee pods I didn't think it could be found  in a chewing gum. A patient had a very high aluminum level that chews a gum with xylitol every day (more than once).  I found out the following from a post by Dr. Hardick

Many of the other sugar alcohols (sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol, etc.) are manufactured by hydrogenating cornstarch. Isomalt and lactitol are created from sucrose and whey. 

But, it gets worse: The hydrogenation process requires a catalyst, and what’s typically used is a heavy metal called Raney nickel (aka spongy nickel), a fine-grained solid composed mostly of nickel derived from a nickel-aluminum alloy. Nickel is riddled with toxicity and associated with asthma, dermatitis, kidney problems and cancer.

Therefore those that chew a lot of gum with xylitol could have aluminum and nickel in their blood and high on a urine provocative challenge by Doctors Data. This is because of the hydrogenation process.

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